Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Great news! Trac holds are available once again!

As of July 13, 2020 the Trac system is operational again and you can start placing holds in our online catalog as you did before COVID-19. You can access the system through the search bar on our home page or by clicking here:

You will receive an email when your holds are ready for pickup. If you want to come into the library to pick up your holds, you can now do so. If you would like to pick up your holds using our contactless curbside pickup service, give us a call when you receive the email letting you know your material is ready and we will schedule a time for your pickup.

How does pick-up work?

1)      When you arrive at the library, please pull up to the curb closest to the building

2)      Open your trunk and get back inside your car

3)      Call (780) 929-2665 to let us know you’re here

4)      Have your ID ready to show us through your closed window

5)      A library staff member will bring your items out to your car, check your ID through the window, and place your items in your trunk.

6)      Enjoy!


How long can I keep my material?

Material will be checked out for 3 weeks. Please return material as soon as you are done with it so we can keep items moving out to patrons.

I have material already checked out that I would like to return to the library. Can I do that?

Yes, please! If you have material to return to the library, you may do so during your visit, either before or after staff bring you your holds. Our outdoor return chute is open and you can place item returns in this chute. Please do not return material directly to the staff member bringing you your holds. Remain in your vehicle while the staff member delivers your items safely to your trunk and proceed to the return chute once the staff member returns to the building.

I’m not sure if I’m comfortable picking up holds from the library. What is the library doing to make sure this is safe?

The library is following all guidelines provided by Alberta Health and the Government of Canada regarding workplace cleanliness. You can access detailed information on our processes and procedures here.

Staff are wearing gloves, observing hand hygiene and maintaining social distance. Staff members are gloved when handling your holds and they will be wearing gloves when bringing the material to your vehicle. Returned material is quarantined for 72 hours before it is returned to the collection. With that in mind, we cannot eliminate the risks associated with picking up your holds and we completely understand if you opt not to use the service at this time.